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How We've Increased Our Quality & Efficiency

Fully staffed and highly skilled

Our technicians complete regular trainings, ensuring the skills needed to craft our cables are continuously developed and sharpened. We know you rely on our cables and that the show must always go on.


Most recently, our production team completed a week long series of trainings covering the techniques required to build our industry leading tactical ethernet cables.


We've heavily invested in our production capabilities, ensuring your production is in good hands.


Automating the mundane

We've recently added some new equipment to allow us to more efficiently process large quantity orders. Our highly skilled technicians utilize this automated equipment to handle the mundane tasks associated with bulk orders. Measuring, marking and cutting cable now happens faster and more accurately than ever. In addition to the benefit of increased speed, the automation allows our technicians to direct their focus towards ensuring the quality of work is always top of the line.




Fully Stocked

Fully stocked and ready to build

The work we've done to strengthen and secure our supply chain ensures that when you need cables built, we're able to do it immediately - not months out. We are fully stocked with everything needed to build the cables and gear you depend on.


Our focus on automation, training and securing our supply chain has greatly enhanced our ability to complete large orders with greater-than-ever quality, without delay.


Simply put, we have the materials, skill, and speed to
build everything you need.