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Our ability to deliver outstanding results starts with our team. Our company has been shaped by the unique talents and personalities of each of our members. As unique as we are individually, we all share a common passion towards our work. There's never a dull moment at our headquarters.

We love what we do.

Chris Ward


Chris has been an active member of the AVL industry for over 25 years, initially managing Sigler Music, an Arkansas-based chain of music stores and one of the nation’s largest online music equipment retailers. During his time with Sigler, Chris oversaw the creation of many national brands, including OSP Cases, SuperFlex Gold, VRL Cables, and Elite Core Audio.

After becoming the co-owner of Elite Core in 2014, Chris has overseen the implementation and development of many new company initiatives, including the transition to the manufacturing of high-end power and cabling products in the USA.

If you can’t get ahold of him at the office, he’s probably hosting a taco night at his house or re-mulching his flower beds. At his happiest, you’ll find him sitting on a Hawaiian beach with his wife or watching his grandkids fight over who gets to use the blue noodle in the pool.

Trey McClurkin


Trey has been co-owner of Elite Core since its inception in 2014. An entrepreneur at heart, through the years he has owned a sound production company, a DJ business, a video and photography production company, and an online music equipment retail store.

Prior to joining Elite Core, Trey was the owner and operator of one of the most successful Elite Core wholesale dealers to date. He also was the founding drummer in the rock band Skillet, for those of you who are curious if Saturn actually does have a ring around it.

When he’s not at the office, you’re likely to find Trey doing… well, just about anything. If he’s not riding his road bike or setting up AVL for a local conference, he’s serving in the kid’s ministry of his church or cheering on his children with his wife at a [insert any extra-curricular] event.

Account Reps

Lance Gipson

Account Rep

Lance has been in the AVL business for over 20 years now. He worked as an audio engineer & lighting designer for a concert production company, and was also an installer for an integration company. He also has an Audio Engineering Degree with emphasis in studio recording, and has been Technical Director at 3 different churches. This experience has given Lance a well-rounded knowledge of this industry.

When he’s not behind a console, or playing bass on stage, you can likely find him outdoors, or building something in his wood shop.

Jeff McLeod

Account Rep

Jeff started in the pro AVL industry in 1983. As an audio engineer, install consultant, and even a radio producer, Jeff has worn many hats over the years.

He has managed hundreds of install jobs during his career. He has also recorded numerous albums for artists across the country in his studio.

Due to his extensive history, he has become a highly respected individual in the AVL community.

Joe Sidoti

Director of Technology & Business Development

Joe started in the pro AVL world over 25 years ago. His love of the industry began in the studio and eventually led to a passion for live sound.

You’ll find that Joe is as comfortable behind a mixing console or lighting board as he is a soldering iron or drum set. This broad set of skills has earned Joe a place as a respected member of the AVL community (The tattoos don’t hurt, either).

Chuck Dolan

Account Rep

Chuck has an extensive history in the music and pro AVL industry. He has been a performing guitarist for over 50 years and an AVL technician since 1989.

He was introduced to the tech world while managing a full-line music store in Arkansas. This led to many years of full time install work throughout the state.

You’ll find that Chuck is most comfortable playing his guitar on stage or behind a console at front of house.


Grayson Ward

Director of Manufacturing

Grayson started manufacturing cables nearly a decade ago, and has been with Elite Core since its inception. After personally assembling a number of cables known only to the Good Lord himself, Grayson has built up a level of experience, expertise, and hand calluses you’d be hard pressed to find on the most seasoned of industry veterans. If you've got a few minutes, you should ask him about the different types of EDC flashlights. See what happens.

Timothy Sims

Manufacturing Operations Manager

One of the earliest additions to the Elite Core team, Tim has worked in many areas of the company. He joined us in 2014 as a member of our operations staff, and shortly after moved to the manufacturing division, where he eventually traded in the soldering iron for a clipboard. Tim currently oversees the daily workflow of every order coming in and out of our manufacturing shop. If you’ve ever received a product built by Elite Core, you can pretty much guarantee that Tim’s hands were on it at some point.

Brennan Williams

Product Personalization Manager

Brennan initially joined the manufacturing division in 2016 as a cable builder. Now in charge of all product personalization, he oversees all client-specified branding and customization on all of our manufactured products. If you receive anything from a Power Drop to a Perseus snake with your logo on it, you can thank Brennan and his team for making it happen.

Vince McNett

Product Personalization

Vince has been in the product personalization business for many years. His extensive knowledge has made him a valuable member of our product personalization team. When he's not here downing Monster energy drinks and custom branding gear, you can find him at home rebuilding his 1979 Ford pickup listening to some rock.

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Order Logistics

Dusty Lewter

Director of Logistics

Dusty joined the Elite Core team in 2017 with over 25 years of warehouse and distribution experience, working in management roles for fulfilment centers of national brands like Nabisco, Target, and Dillard’s. He currently oversees all daily operations in our warehouse, ensuring that every single order ships correctly and on time. On pretty much any given weekend, you’ll find Dusty relaxing somewhere next to, in, or on top of a body of water. Don’t let his easy-going nature fool you, though - you’re in for a fight if you try to convince him to cook a burger on something other than charcoal.  

Order Processing

Tonya Shepard

Office Lead

Treva Bertrand

Order Processing

Heather Carter

Order Processing

Order Fulfillment






Brand Development

Brennan Ward

Director of Brand Development

After graduating with a business degree from Belmont University, Brennan began his enviable career as a key player in the film industry in Nashville, Tennessee. He initially graced the Elite Core team with his presence as our first Marketing Director in 2015. A man of many talents, Brennan’s gifted hand can be found in pretty much every new project the company takes on, including, but not limited to, the writing of staff bios on our new website.

Rickey Crowder

Director of Marketing

Prior to joining Elite Core in 2016, Rickey attended college for a graphic design degree and worked as a tech director for several large churches in Arkansas. Currently overseeing all marketing efforts, Rickey wears many hats for the company - and if you work with Elite Core in just about any capacity, you’re likely to talk to him at some point. If you want to get on his good side, bring him a Reese’s and a Mountain Dew and ask him to do some close-up magic tricks.

Rodney Huckey

Director of Multi-Channel Sales

Everyone's favorite computer nerd, Rodney brings a data-driven approach to marketing that he has acquired after spending almost a decade in online retail marketing. He currently oversees all of our online selling channels, ensuring that all data remains consistent and up-to-date. While he may be all CSVs and SQLs at the office, Rodney has always been deeply involved in ministry - he's an ordained minister and spent 12 years as a full time youth and children's pastor. This dude's got more ice-breakers and VBS themes up his sleeve than you can possibly imagine.  

Kevin Urdaneta

Creative Media Guru


Kevin Bass

Product Sourcing and Purchasing Manager

Our resident Data Ninja, Kevin worked for over 25 years in purchasing for a large multi-national data cooperation before joining Elite Core in 2016. You’ll find Kevin is most comfortable working with excessively complex data, using obscure business-lingo acronyms, and dissecting the artistic and formulaic approach taken to create the music of Rush. You’ll also find he can rock a Les Paul and cowboy hat when he takes the stage fronting his classic (old man) rock band, “Get Off My Lawn”.

Stephanie Ward

Something Important

Stephanie has been around Elite Core for every up, down, and twist that has happened along the company’s journey. Currently in charge of accounts receivable, she ensures daily that every single penny goes exactly where it’s supposed to go. Seeing as how she’s been married to our owner Chris for over 35 years, she loves to make the joke that she’s “sleeping with the boss” and make everyone uncomfortable.

Joey McDonald

Director of Operations

Elite Core’s first official employee, Joey has worked, in some capacity, in virtually every department of the company. He currently oversees all of our human resources, and generally makes sure that people don’t do dumb things. Joey loves going [redacted] with his two [redacted] and his [redacted], [redacted]. He’s also not big on giving out personal information.