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Hinged Rack Panels


Easy-Access. Customizable.

Tired of mounting and unmounting panels from your rack to work on your gear? Our Hinged Rack Panels allow full access to the inside of your rack. With two easy-twist thumb screws, installation is easy and maintenance is quick. These panels feature reversible mounting brackets, allowing the panel to be opened up from the left and right side.

With your choice of 2U, 3U, 4U, & 6U panel size, our Hinged Rack Panels feature a reversible mounting hinge that can be placed on the left or right side of the panel making your rack interior easily accessible.

Metalwork Customization

We offer customization on all our panels. It makes identifying and organizing your gear so much easier. Make your panels stand out with full-color printing, connector labeling, and of course, your logo. We have a talented Customization Team that are the best in the business at bringing your ideas to life.

MYTH: It will be too much work for me to have my panels customized.
FACT: We will do EVERYTHING for you. Just tell us what you want.

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Right Hinged Rack Panel With Custom Artwork