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Elite Core PROCAT6A

Ultra-Flexible. Ultra-Durable.

No need to give up flexibility or durability. Our Ultra-Flexible PROCAT6A-S has both. With a TPE outer jacket & Polyolefin insulation, this cable type offers unparalleled performance, ensuring your data signal is transmitted with minimal interference and maximum reliability.

Cable Handling

Incredibly easy to handle and install. It can withstand most abuse, although we recommend you be nice to your cables.

With a data rate of 10 Gb/s at 500Mhz and a max operating distance up to 100m, our CAT6A cable has the increased bandwidth to handle your most advanced gear, and the durability to withstand the harshest environment. In short, this kitty gonna purr.

Cable Construction

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Heatshrink Customization

We offer customization on all our cable types. It has no impact on lead times and makes identifying and organizing your gear so much easier. Make your cables stand out with barcodes, color IDs, unlimited colors, and full-color graphics. We have a talented Customization Team that are the best in the business at bringing your ideas to life.

MYTH: Customization will add days to the lead time.
FACT: There is no difference in lead time between a customized and a non-customized cable.

MYTH: It will be too much work for me to have my cables customized.
FACT: We will do EVERYTHING for you. Just tell us what you want.

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